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Your source for updates and discussion of the exciting new movie in development from Oscar winning director Ron Howard.  Howard is teaming up with producer J.J. Abrams for the film.  All I’ve Got Movie is a loose remake of writer-director Margalit Keren’s Israeli TV movie Kol Ma She’Yesh Li.  As the release date approaches we'll have more fun news and gossip about the film!

A young, very-much-in-love man and woman get into a freak car accident in which the man is killed. Though the woman moves on and marries another man with whom she has three children, her own death 50 years later only opens more doors. In the afterlife, she is given the choice of forgetting the memory of her life after the accident and becoming young again to be with her first love, or choosing to remain as she is and waiting for her second husband’s death.


*** Not announced yet - coming soon!!! ***

Directed by Ron Howard

Recent News:
According to this article, J.J. Abrams and Ron Howard are joining forces on the film, a fantasy-romance project that’s developing from Abrams’ Bad Robot and Paramount Pictures that the latter, Oscar-winning, director has attached himself to helm:

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